Funky Friends Factory

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My Favorite Soft Toy pattern maker is Funky Friends Factory in Australia. Don’t let let Pauline’s location turn your eye away, because she sells PDF’s of all her softies! This makes buying her patterns inexpensive for us Americans. The most common price is $11.98 but she frequently offers deals and discounts. I highly recommend subscribing to her newsletter and facebook so you don’t miss out on any of them! Don’t forget to check out her Etsy shop too. Also worth mentioning, you get the Honey Bear pattern for free when you join her newsletter, and let me tell you – that bear is worth buying! Honey is easy to make and looks store bought in quality.

In fact, every compliment I’ve received on toys I’ve made with Pauline’s patterns is that they look “store bought” quality. Her patterns are easy and the instructions are great. She also offers advise and additional assistance through facebook and email; but please keep in mind that she’s in Australia. The time difference means you may have to wait a bit between communication exchanges.

As you can see in the photos I’ve posted, there is a kiwi bird pattern. Pauline has several hard to find animal patterns, like the kiwi bird, koala, kangaroo, platypus, and aardvark. These are animals you can’t easily find a good pattern for. And though you can easily find pet toys, her pet toy patterns for dogs and cats are my favorite!

Another thing that put’s Funky Friends Factory on the top of our list of favorites is that she gives you the privilege of selling the toys you make with her patterns. There are some limitations, but they are fully reasonable and generous. No mass production and give her the credit she deserves! You can read more about this in her FAQ.

The top reason that Funky Friends Factory is our Favorite Pattern Maker is because she hasn’t made a single pattern that we haven’t loved. You will find nothing that is lacking quality, time, and care. When you see her patterns, you will see the effort, love, and talent that Pauline puts into her work. These patterns are well worth it.

Thank you Pauline!


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