Review: Lip Sync Battle

Warning: Spoilers!

My husband said out loud, randomly I might add, “I don’t know. I’m just curious.” So I look up from my sewing, at the tv. “It’s some celebrity lip sync battle.” he said. At first, it was nothing too spectacular. Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt were pretty to look at. I commented that Anne’s lip syncing skills were better than Emily’s, but that Emily was funny on stage. It was mildly amusing… at first.

Round two was where it got fun. Emily with all her balloons and silliness made me smile and chuckle. She had that quirky fun side that I enjoyed. Anne Hathaway came out scantily clad and actually pulled off a pretty keen Miley Cyrus look. It was entertaining and my chuckles became proper laughter. I said to my husband “They are making fun of popstardom, which is fun, though she doesn’t have an actual wrecking ball…” and at that moment, Anne Hathaway leaps onto a wrecking ball and I figuratively died with laughter! I was in tears.

Over lunch, my bestfriend and I watched an episode with Jimmy Fallon and The Rock (sorry Dwayne, you’ll always be The Rock) and it was just as entertaining. For one, I don’t believe for a second that Jimmy was all that winded. Have you not seen his energy on the Tonight Show? His jokes towards The Rock were childishly entertaining (I mean that in a good way). The Rock does what The Rock does, to which spoke volumes of his confidence in his manhood as he performed “Tay Tay’s” Shake It Off! He also used his sex appeal to his advantage, yet in a still humorous way. Still, Jimmy is a down right cutey himself. The bantering was just as amusing as the actual lip sync battle.

I’m actually enjoying this ridiculousness!

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