Meet Dingbat & The Prototypes


I really wanted to make a cute bat. I originally altered the maneki neko pattern to make a bat-like softie and I named her Rosey.



She was cute, but I wanted a more traditional bat. So I performed surgery to remove the arms, created a pointed face, and gave her a smaller furry body. She’s still Rosey but now she looks a lot more like a bat!



Still, her ears where a bit off and didn’t set correctly. Here wings are cute, but I want them bigger! I gave Rosey to a friend as a gift and I decided to make a new bat with some improvements. I put some stitching alone the ears on the outside and made bigger wings.

20150408_205730 20150408_210033


The wings are great, but the ears are still wonky! The ears fold forward covering her eyes, or backward. It takes some posing to get them to look decent. Also, the other ear is not evenly placed. I need to fix the ears and figure out a good way of placing them. I gave this bat to a friend as a gift as well, and worked on another prototype.

The newest bat is perfect! I am experimenting with a few different wings, but these turned out great on Dingbat. Even better, the ears are just what I wanted!! I made them shorter (width-wise along the head), changed the shape and angle of the ears, and kept the outside stitching. I absolutely love him and Dingbat is going to be in my personal collection ❤



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