Norman Medfaire

We went to the Medieval Faire in Norman, OK for a couple of hours (Saturday 03-28-15). It was fun, but of course it was hot outside. There were turkey legs, costumes, performances, and lots of the typical medfaire things.
There were two people walking around with real snakes. That was pretty cool. I have some concern with people carrying snakes around in a very crowded place with children running all around. I feel like they should have been in a secure location, maybe in a tent where it’s easier to control the environment, both for the well being of the people and the snakes. What if you have a fear of snakes and you turn around to see one right next to you? Bad shit could happen. Regardless, I still enjoyed seeing the snakes. It was exciting.
20150328_141013 20150328_141029
There were lots of parasols in the crowd as usual. I had a paper parasol once but it was very easily ruined. Luckily, my hubby found a parasol made of fabric that he bought for me. So there were parasols there that could stand up to some rain should it start sprinkling.
My hubby also surprised me with a cute beany dragon. I say cute as a subjective term. Many of the dragons I saw in the crowd were gaudy. The one he got me was minimal gaudy… but still very gaudy. I think Normina (as I named her) would have been beautiful without the shiny spots.
I had a good time in a tent where two small bands grouped together for a bit of a performance. They were fun and I recorded a few songs (with permission of the band). I’ll post those another day,
Unfortunately, I was pretty nauseous and resting a lot, so I didn’t take a lot of photos while we were there. Before leaving Norman, we stopped by Forward Foods (great cheese selection) and the Candy Basket, which we recommend checking out.

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