Cat Person vs Dog Person

Growing up, I’ve always had a cat and a dog. There are gaps where I didn’t have a dog, like now, but that will be remedied in the coming year. I have friends who are “cat people” and we talk about our cats as family (because they are actually family). One time, I happened on a conversation and I asked “What are you guys talking about?” and she said “Nothing you’d be interested in.” So naturally, I was curious “Oh? What’s that?” and she replied “Dogs.” I was shocked, because I fucking love dogs. I’ve been missing one in my life recently. “I love dogs.” I replied. She said “Oh. I thought you were a cat person?”

I know it’s hard to believe, but yes, you can be an avid cat person and also be an avid dog person too. I know a lot about dogs too. I’m also a bunny person, as I have had pet rabbits and know a lot about them. I have had ducks, geese, hamsters, gerbils, turtles, frogs, snails, horses, caterpillars, grasshoppers, a praying mantis, and fish. I know animals. I am an avid animal/pet lover.

Now that that’s out of the way, I wanted to talk more about cats. The debate on whether cats or dogs is better, is stupid. They are both great for their own reasons, but a lot of the arguments are false. Dogs have more personality is false. If your cat doesn’t have a personality, then either you aren’t paying attention or have neglected nurturing her to be herself. My cats have LOADS of personality, but you can’t expect a cat to thrive in a poor environment. Cats have habits, quirks, and different infatuations. However, if all you ever do is feed and pet your cat, your cat will probably be as boring as you have been in regards to your cat relationship.

If you only ever take things away from your cat, yell at them or stop them from doing anything out of the ordinary, or ignore anything “un-catlike” thing they do, then you are fostering a lackluster environment. Let your cat be weird… because it’s actually normal and they will develop a fun personality. Pay attention to what your cat does and what they are interested in and encourage them to be who they want to be! Have some tolerance for their antics if it’s not destructive, just the same as you would for a dog.

People love teaching dogs tricks and the uneducated fool will say that you can’t teach a cat tricks. That’s not true! I am teaching my cats to “hive five” (vid)  and it’s going great! You can teach a cat to “shake”, “roll over”, “play dead”, “sit pretty”, and any other trick you’d teach a dog (vid). If you think it takes too much patience and hard work… it’s no more easier than teaching a dog. You use treats the same way that you’d train a dog. My cats picked up the high five treat pretty quick. You have to re-enforce the trick over and over for both cats and dogs. You give a cat treats, praise, and pets the same as you would for the dog.

A dog will protect you. There are cats out there that will protect their humans. There are cats that will tear into a dog. There are brave cats in the world. Have you not seen the videos on youtube (vid)? And let’s be fair, there are plenty of pussy little dogs in the world who won’t protect their humans either.

You can’t take a cat for a walk. Sure you can (vid)! You have to take the time to train your cat. Again, it’s no harder than harness and leash training a puppy! You just have to take the time. It only seems harder, because spending that time with a dog feels natural because it’s expected of dog owners. Put the same time into your cat and you’ll reap the rewards. Sure, the cat will be scared at first. They are small and the world is big. There are big cars and dogs out there. However, you can work with your cat, train her, and build trust.  You can train your cat to go bike riding (vid) with you and even play fetch (vid).

When I was a kid in Colorado, my cat Tiger used to ride on my shoulder to the store, to which we had to cross 4-lane traffic. I’d set her beside the door and she’d wait there for me to come back out. The store clerks were fascinated with Tiger’s obedience. She also would give me hugs and kisses when I got home from school. She’d literally put her paws around my neck and lick my face. Once, we stopped by my aunts while traveling and she made us some sausage. I had both Tiger and Loner (my dog) with us. They both begged for scraps and when I said no, they just stared at the plate but wouldn’t touch it. When I said “Okay, you can both have ONE.” and they both took one piece of sausage and ran off to a corner to eat it. Both Tiger and Loner went potty outside, as we did not have a litter box in the car. I raised them the same. I never called it “training” because it didn’t feel like training to me. It felt natural. I treated them as people, I talked to them, I lived with them. They were my family growing up. I really miss you Tiger and Loner ❤

There are people who say that a cat won’t greet you at the door or be excited to see you when you get home like a dog would. Wrong (vid). Monster greets me excitedly every morning with love (purs, mews, and nuzzles) and she’s waiting at the front door for me every day after work (at times leaping on to us). You might be thinking it’s because she wants to be fed, but her bowl is full when she does these things. In fact, when we go away for the weekend, they (we have two cats and Gremlin has her own style of affection) usually don’t eat much out of stress. Cats and dogs both love to be fed, love to be pet, and love their humans. If your cat isn’t excited to see you when you get home, either she has another way of showering you with affection, or you should spend some time bonding with her!

There’s the argument about having to clean up cat poop from a litter box. Let’s be fair, you SHOULD be cleaning up dog poop on your daily walks. Shame on you for not doing so! Furthermore, remember that talk about training your cat to go outside? You can train a cat to poop outside, get a pet door, and not have to deal with a litter box. Also, you can totally litter train a dog (vid).

So, I’m not saying cats are better than dogs, I’m just pointing out that arguments for dogs being better than cats is bullshit. All the reasons you can argue that cats are better than dogs are just as stupid. You can litter train a dog. Dogs can be super smart. Dogs can be cuddle buddies and lazy. Dogs can also lower your stress. Dogs chase laser pointers too (vid)! Sure, cats and dogs are different but it’s like comparing men and women (they can do the same things, each has it’s strengths, and one is not better than the other). Cats and dogs are equally human’s best friends! You can be a cat person, you can be a dog person, and you can be both. Don’t try to justify your choice by belittling the other.

Cat People vs Dog People (video)





2 thoughts on “Cat Person vs Dog Person

  1. Well said. I’ve grown up with both throughout my life and I have both now. Like you I’m a massive animal lover. I’ve had rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and gerbils. I love them all for their individuality. My cats are full of personality and are loving and social. My puppy likes to play with them and we only stop the game if he’s getting too rough. My fiancé too was raised the same way as me. In fact both our families have an assortment of animals that we love for their uniqueness as members of our family rather than being just a cat or dog lover.

    • Thank you! I miss having a dog. Right now we live in an apartment with two cats and we both work full time jobs. We are waiting to get a dog until we get into a house. We feel it will be a better environment once we have more space and a yard. I’m sure my cats will be thoroughly annoyed, but I know my girls. Our dog will end up Monster’s play mate and Gremlin’s cuddle buddy.

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