The Candy Basket (All The Noms)


A few doors down from Forward Foods, in Norman Oklahoma, there was The Candy Basket. It’s a very charming gourmet candy, coffee, tea and gift shop. All the chocolate truffles looked so beautiful, but I didn’t get a chance to try any of them. I have intention to do this the next time we are in Norman.

20150328_152530 20150328_152539 20150328_153118 20150328_153128

What we ended up getting was a bar of Hazelnut Sea Salt Crisp and Chocomize. The Hazelnut bar was milky and melted very quickly in any semblance of heat or sun. Transport it carefully! There were crunchy bits and I enjoyed it. I loved the backside of the bar where it was sectioned into different sizes – nibble, bite, chunk, and fine chocolate tasting bar.

20150328_153836 20150328_153943

The Chocomize bar smelled so good when I opened it up. The aroma was about as amazing as it tasted. It was a beautiful bar, very well designed. The pecans and little chips added a fun crunchy texture and packed a lot of flavor. I loved it so much, that I regretted getting the Hazelnut Crisp! There was another Chocomize bar that looked like it had roses on it, but it was dried strawberry, raspberry, and cranberries. I wish I had gotten that! I bet it’s just as awesome as the one I got.

20150328_15262420150328_154129 20150328_154244We also bought an old Wooly Willy, which is a toy where you draw “hair” on a face using magnetic dust. Just the other day, my friends and I were reminiscing about old 80’s toys and cartoons. My friend had mentioned Wooly Willy, so I bought it for her. She loved it! One of the two owners gave me a helpful tip for how to store the pin as not to loose it.

In fact, he was quite the charming fellow! He greeted every customer with a smile. He was super nice, polite, and was very personable. I got the impression that he was happy and that he truly loved his shop, which made the experience just a little more special.


Will candy again! I highly recommend stopping into The Candy Basket if you’re in Norman. I also recommend the Chocomize bars, and please try a truffle and tell us what you thought about it!



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