Nausea & Hypoglycemia Don’t Mix Well

As a hypoglycemic (low blood sugar, not diabetic) I should be eating something small every 4 hours or so. All last week, I was suffering nausea and that disrupted my eating habits. I started to feel really hungry in the middle of the night and starving in the morning. Still, I made it a point to eat my breakfast, lunch, and dinner, even though my stomach was really upset. However, I wasn’t grabbing the smaller bits of food through out the day like I’m supposed to. By the end of the week, my sugar crashed!

I was standing up in front of my class and, at first, I didn’t realize my sugar was so low. It was like going on autopilot. I was very tried, but I’d been tired all week. I got sweaty, but I thought it was just the room that was hot. I noticed the look on a couple of students faces and then everything got blurry. “Oh.” I thought, “My blood sugar is low.” which I actually ended up saying out loud, mid-sentence of an entirely different topic. Someone commented that my face looked red. I am very pale, so any little exertion is going to make me look red. I ate a granola bar and someone gave me orange juice. About 20 minutes later, I was feeling back on track. I finished up the class.
A student asked me what it feels like to have a sugar crash. I told him that it gets hard to think. I had trimmers, I was dizzy, and I felt hot and very very tired. I told him it’s a lot like the symptoms that a diabetic has. He asked if I take shots for it. No, I don’t. Insulin will kill me. Sometimes, if I end up in the hospital, they may shoot me up with some glycose, which is sugar for your blood. I told him, if it drops too much, I could pass out and fall into a coma.
Being nauseous is really bad for people with blood sugar issues. It makes it very hard to eat, and if you puke it all up, it’s about as bad as not eating. Typically, my sugar is very stable, but once in a blood moon it crashes… like when I was sick all week. Luckily, today I don’t seem to be sick anymore.

2 thoughts on “Nausea & Hypoglycemia Don’t Mix Well

  1. As someone who has hypoglycemia, I definitely understand your post. Low blood sugar is terrible. I’ve had the same crashes. I’m glad you’re better now!!

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