IHOP: International House of Pancakes (All The Noms)

20150329_113731You know when you get up late in the afternoon and then you go to get lunch, but it’s really your breakfast, but it’s lunch time? Brunch. That works. IHOP is great for Brunch, Breakfast, and after bar time noms (or for my group, it’s after a late night of gaming, so cleverly called “Afters”).

My husband got the “Our Original French Toast” ($6.49) and it was good. That’s it. There was no enthusiasm or anything that really stood out as amazing. It was just “good” and it was presented well. It was french toast. If you want french toast, this is good. If you want to be wowed with amazing french toast… recommend a place for us to try!


I got the “Classic Breakfast Crepes” ($8.49). I was thinking I was getting a nice small breakfast, but it was a lot bigger than it was in the menu picture. It was super fat and I couldn’t finish it all. I don’t know if it’s always that big or if it’s just Oklahoma.


The crepe was only slightly sugary, which was fine for me. The rest of it was equally as lite… except for the super tasty bacon. Bacon is ALWAYS flavorful and amazing. Now, this dish was okay. It wasn’t bad, but it was a lot of slightly flavored all combine into a mesh of lite flavors. The eggs tasted like eggs. The ham tasted like ham. Yet, I felt like I was missing a real savory flavor. Perhaps it was just too much going on? Even the cheese sauce on top was negligible by itself. I tried the cheese by itself and could barely taste it. Cheese should taste cheesy! The ham was also one big slice, which would have been better if it was cut up. I don’t recommend the crepes. I enjoy the pancakes and other traditional breakfasts more.


What I loved was the “International House Roast Flavored Coffee” ($2.69). I got the swiss mocha and it’s so delicious. If you like sweet hot mocha coffee, this is great. It smells great, it looks great, and it tastes great. I get one every time I go to IHOP and I rarely even drink coffee!


So while I wouldn’t recommend IHOP for a date or an especially good meal, it’s great for a good cheap meal or a late night meal after a long night.


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