Forward Foods (All The Noms)

We love cheese, but we have a very limited nibble list (I haven’t tried a lot of cheeses). It was recommended that we stop by “the cheese store in Norman”, to which we later discovered is called Forward Foods. They had a great selection and if you ask for a sample, they give you a free sample! This helped us decide what cheeses we wanted to buy, or discover if we like goat cheese. Goat cheese is strong tasting and not that bad at all. We decided to buy the Abbaye De Belloc (an Irish cheese) and the Vermont Cheddar Cheese (nope, no goat cheese). Will cheese again!!
20150328_151629 20150328_151624 20150328_151615 20150328_151341 20150328_151328
They had more than just cheese there! They had a bunch of little spice cups. They had different flavors of vinegar, preserves, and even honeycombs. They had a bunch of natural stuff to cook with. We ended up getting a big jar of raw honey (we prefer this to sugar for a sweetener), white truffle mayonnaise (it has an earthy taste), and some strawberry rhubarb preserves (a sweet and sour flavor).
20150328_15164420150328_151640 20150328_152021 20150328_152029 20150328_164415 20150328_164336 20150328_152403 20150328_152347 20150328_152343 20150328_152329 20150328_152100
It was all delicious! If you are ever in Norman, I highly recommend stopping by Forward Foods for cheese and other goodies.



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