The Pillow Pets Gang!

As you may know, I have a Steampunk crew and we love going to conventions. We don’t just travel to Steampunk cons… we also go to gaming conventions, anime cons, comic cons, and other fun stuff! We also like to travel for other fun things, like concerts, museums, aquariums, and more! When we have a long trip, it can be hard to get comfortable, especially when it’s late at night and you need to get some sleep on the ride. Pillow Pets are awesome for that! Not only do they give your head something soft to rest against, but they are great for attaching around the seat belt when it fits too awkwardly around your body, and I find that they are helpful for propping myself up on the couch when I’m sick and drowning in mucus (eeeeew). So let’s meet The Pillow Pet Gang!

Our first, and thus oldest, pillow pet was a very old Pier One Imports monkey. We got him from a thrift store a long time ago (2005) and he is still a favorite on car rides. We used to just call him the “car monkey” and then it was shortened to “car monk”. After a while, I thought is was a cute name, so we made it official! His name is Carmunk.

Beside him is Dottie the ladybug. Nearly 6 years after we took Carmunk home, I got an actual Pillow Pet branded Pillow Pet (11.12.10). I named her Dottie for obvious reasons. I often refer to her as the younger sister of my GIANT ladbybug Chrisha. Dottie is bigger than Carmunk, and she’s my usually car buddy, while my husband prefers Carmunk on long rides.

Dottie and Carmunk


Next is Xinwei (09-05-11) a panda that was a gift from my husband from Walmart. I had recently met a co-worker from China and thought his name was pretty cool. So I named him Xinwei (my best pronunciation is shin-way). He stays exclusively at work, beneath my desk as a soft warm foot rest. He keeps my feet toasty!

09-05-11 Xinwei


My husband and I had lunch at Boomers Restaurant and my husband got this parrot out of the claw machine! He’s smaller than the normal sized pillow pets but he’s still pretty comfy. He’s a regular on car trips andoften used as a wrist rest while gaming (we love MMO’s).  Yes, we named him Boomer (11-11-11).

11-11-11 Boomer


Peewee is a much smaller monkey pillow pet. He’s even smaller than Boomer and Carmunk! Hence why we named him “peewee” – plus is just sounds like a pet monkey name too. Now, I usually keep a good record of where and when I get my toys, but somehow Peewee’s details escape me. My earliest known picture of him is in 2012. While we do take him on road trips, he is most often used as a wrist rest while gaming (like we do with Boomer sometimes).



And last on the list is Gowan (10-15-13)! I actually bought him for a cloning demonstration using humor, but I ended up keeping him at home. Amazon sent him just in time to comfort me while I was sick. The tissue boxes I was going through had dandelions on them, and Gowan’s ribbon also had dandelions on them. So, I named him after a type of dandelion. By this time, I was attached to him! He’s primarily a couch pillow now.

20140301_005351 gowen



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