Meet The Backpack Gang

There are a select few toys that hang off my backpack, of which most of them are cats! I love cats and I check them every day to make sure they are all still there and in good condition.


The first toy to go on my backpack is Gir from Invader Zim  (12.29.10). My husband got him for me as a gift from Hot Topic while we were at the mall.

girWhile at a convention (Cyphacon) in Louisiana (04-20-13), we picked up a couple of Japanese Maneki Neko’s. This one was small and had a loop on the back of her neck. So I hung her on my backpack. Every morning, she’s on my shoulder as I’m heading to work and she gives me a little joy. I love cats and I love Japanese stuff! I named her Mochi, which is a Japanese sticky rice cake.


This is Nero, whom I received for backing the Dicke Katze Kickstarter! Nero (12-11-13) is the name of the character, so I didn’t name him myself. He’s super cute and rests under Mochi on the arm-strap of my backpack.


No No (11-26-14) is a Christmas gift from the mom-in-law! I call her “No No” instead of “Grumpy Cat” because I already have a larger Grumpy Cat plush, and she has “No” on her chest. I couldn’t call her Grumpy junior, because she came first!



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