Meet Okemah!

We were on our way out to Chattanooga for a convention when we stopped at a gas station in Okemah Oklahoma. There were several long limbed plushies hanging around the station. They have velcro on their paws – erm hooves? – so you can hang them. They had lions, tigers, giraffes, and more. I ended up adopting this here giraffe and naming him Okemah (pronounced Oh-kee-mah). He’s oh so soft and it sure was fun hanging him around the car.

okemah2 okemah1

Okemah’s tags have the website on it, so if you’re looking to get a giraffe like this one, you can get it here (link).


4 thoughts on “Meet Okemah!

  1. I know this sounds pretty crazy and that this post is from March (it’s now October) but I’m wondering if you still have Okemah if you’d ever consider selling him? My son is going to turn 7 this year, he has pdd-nos which is a former of autism. He had a giraffe identical to Okemah and clung to it for SIX years. We are heartbroken that his giraffe (named charlie) has been lost/misplaced. It would seriously mean THE WORLD to me if I could replace him. Please, PLEASE contact me. My email is [REMOVED] or you can feel free to call me at [REMOVED]. Thank you!!

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