Poem: Would You?

This was written in 2000 during a difficult time in our relationship. While the poem originally ended on a sour note, I wanted to expand it to show the good that came after it. So, I added to it in 2015.

Why is it that I have to give in everytime?
Why is it me that is always trying to please?
When we fight, why am I always wrong?
Does it always have to be me that has to apologize, even when it’s not my fault?
If I didn’t chase after you and did not fight for your love…
Would you?

Would you fight for my love?
Would you give in to my unreason?
Would you try to please me when I’m unhappy?
Can you let me be right, whether it’s true or not?
Are you above apologizing, even when you know you should?
If you chased after me and fought for my love…

It’s been fifteen years of give and take.
It’s been more than a decade of pleasing each other.
When we fight, we’re right and wrong together.
There’s always an apology on both sides.
There is no more chasing but there’ll still be fights.
We chased, we fought, and we loved.

Would you? Yes, I would. We did. And our love goes.


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