Poem: What You Put Your Mind To

Another old poem from a decade ago.

They say it’s amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it.
You said you’d fix this, and I just didn’t believe it.
I knew it was true for me, but for you it seemed harder.
In this relationship, I always felt like the martyr.
All the things I’ve done and tried to make you happy.
I couldn’t understand why you made me so unhappy.
It seemed like the betrayal and tears wouldn’t go away.
I feared that you’d never come back from the stray.
It seemed like you would fail at every glance.
I gave you chance after chance after chance.
I lost my faith and was giving up on you.
I had long ran out of knowing what to do.
I knew who you were and what you became.
I didn’t think I could ever believe you again.
Despite all that we have been through and done.
It seemed that in the end, I’d be gone.
You swore to me, you’d make this right.
This time, I had zero faith in sight.
You doubted yourself, especially without me there.
I knew that one more fall was more than I could bear.
Yet you didn’t give up, and you stood tall.
I waited, fully expecting you to fall.
You loved me and shared with me, trying hard to mend.
But I was still waiting for it all to end.
It started to look like all traces of deceit were gone.
I took second glances, then a third, forth, fifth, and so on.
Every day, you made held me up and held me close.
I felt it was going too well, and soon I’d see the ghost.
You continued to do right by me, and never digressed.
I saw all your hard work, and was very impressed.
You have salvaged our life and our love.
This is something that I am very proud of.
You renewed my love, faith, and my trust.
I came back to believing that you must love me.
I guess it’s true for you too,
That you can do what you put your mind too.
You are who you are, and I am who I am.
And I believe once again, that we will always you and I.


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