Poem: Traveling Lost

I wrote this many many years ago when I was very depressed.

I used to open my world and dreams.
I used to fantasize and share it all.
I used to explore outside.
I used to be worth more.
It all seemed brighter.
It used to be whole for me.
There were opened doors and things unknown.
There were wonders brought from afar.
I traveled far away.
I held so very close.
I loved with all my heart.
I trusted all I could.
But there are shadows in every corner.
There are creatures in the dark.
There is rust and tarnish on the surface.
I have feared in the dark.
I have starved in the cold.
I have pained and cried.
Maybe the black of the sky will drown me away.
Maybe the cold will cut me deep.
Maybe I’ll always be in a place that I no longer recognize.
Where has the light gone?
Why does the warmth no longer feel?
Why am I lost so far from home?


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