Poem: Nowhere is Somewhere

In my blog post about Neil Gaiman, he said that authors don’t know where their ideas come from. I wrote in detail about how I understood what he said. I wrote this poem a decade ago to express where my ideas and creativity comes from. For a very long time, I called my art album “Nowhere”. Although, in recent years, I now have a place called “Overyonder” too.

Nowhere is a place we have all been to.
A place where there is nothing.
A place where we are nobody.
Some run away from it, trying to get somewhere.
Some run towards it, to escape everything.
The best part about Nowhere, is that it’s something after all.
Everywhere you go, whether you know where you are or not, it is somewhere.
It is like the mind.
What your mind creates isn’t real, but it’s real because it’s in your mind.
The greatest creators have brought the most beautiful of somethings from nothing.
We all have been Nowhere… somewhere where all somethings are made.


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