Poem: Love Outside of Form

I love you for who you are
It doesn’t matter what form you take
I loved you as a man
I still loved you when you were a woman
You tell me you’re the same as either
But that when you’re a man, you’re a man
And when you’re a woman, you’re a woman
But I can see a difference still
The way your carry yourself as a woman
You take control and assert your dominance
You stand firm and proud
Perhaps it was close to the same
But there is a difference
As a man, you needed no assertion
You did not sit pretty as you did before
But others knew your dominance still
People threw themselves to your feet
Though there’s a difference in which form you take
The look in your eyes and your gentle touch
In either form it spoke volumes of your love
No matter what form you take or how that changes your demeanor
You love me as a man and a woman equally
And I will love you as you are
Not as what form you take


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