Poem: Guess Who

This Poem is about gamers who larp (live action role play). It’s really two separate poems, but I ended up just smooshing them together as one.

At first, I saw your pretty face and your dexterous grace.
I saw your masquerade, and saw the characters you portrayed.
But when we stopped, and masks where dropped, I saw you clearer.
I saw a mirror.
I see, like me, a fire.
A rage inside that fights the tire. But like any good flame, there was a warmth that came.
A side not hidden in pretend, a friendship that has sought to begin.

Guarded you walk, discarding talk, holding a lock.
It is to something worth while, which cannot be taught, nor bought, and only be sought.
I see that which cannot be broken, something unspoken.
The key is not in tangible form and cannot be held, but it can be compelled and it is warm.
Just take a moment to look her way, and there will be nothing she needs to say;
because the pleasure of her smile, is the treasure worth while.



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