Poem: Call of the Wild

I wrote long ago when I was feeling trapped and desperately wanting to break free. My life is so different now. I definitely broke free.
In a cruel, lonely world, cluttered with vengeance and hate, where betrayals are all too common… There lies a mysterious forest deep within the center of all life; created by the overseer, with the purest of souls.

There is a soft, transparent, white mist which covers the lush grounds of pure silence. No sound can be heard. Cold drafty winds pass in solid deafness… the world is motionless. The woods seem lifeless… nothing is seen and nothing stirs. All is silent and still, not a single leaf falls, or even a single wave of water ripples. Besides the chilling winds, nothing is felt, not even your emotions are present. Thoughts stand at halt and your mind is blank, as you enter this place.

Not just anyone is welcome here. Only those who’s souls have been mortally wounded, or eternally lost, my join this place of soul creation. In the midst of this forest, tarnished minds are visionless, and where the soul once dwelt, is now empty.

Standing hollow, a cry is heard… first by the ears, this cry becomes a faint growling howl, descending from everywhere. Circling closer, it begins to glide into your mind, flooding it, being now heard within. While trees begin to sway and leaves begin to dance, you feel a cascade of emotions unidentifiably rushing. As your eyes widen and you fall to your knees, you suddenly can’t breath… not a single gasp of air, nothing. Then, suddenly, a wisp of intoxicating air invades your soul, followed by a soft pounding. A rhythmic beat sounding its way up your body.

Thump… thump… thump…. the sound of life, the sound of your heart that once was stopped. The beat is hard and steading, surrounded by a swirl of unseen howls. The howling fills your body, and its rapidness numbs the outer core entirely. A shadow covers the land as you become completely weightless. You fall, floating through nothing. Then, a tremble caresses you. It grows into a warm passionate feeling, with a fierce savage glare.

You awake and arise to see a dark shadow trampling straight ahead. Your heart beat matches the sounding of the great black wolfs beating paws. With rampage, a scream fills the air and the wolf leaps at you, baring its white deadly fangs… face to face, everything pauses for just a few endless seconds.

The world stands still, yet again. Diving into the wolfs crystalline eyes, your heart is racing, and your muscles are tense. You start to run, pushing harder and harder, leading with fire… you are leading the pack, no longer alone. You are wild and free, strong and unstoppable. Your soul runs thick and flowing… you are now that wolf.


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