Poem: Broken Heart

This one is awkward to share. I was suffering a broken heart while also dealing with anxiety and anger issues. It’s kinda corny in a way, but whatever… lol.

You say your love is as constant as the stars
but the stars are forever changing, fading, and dieing.

My love is as constant as the stars will come and go, and explode!

Everlasting is always too short.
Forever is never long enough.
If you pledge your love is mine forever and always,
I will prepare for your goodbye.
All of these were written during a time when I was feeling broken hearted. I just lobed them all into one place.
I will never believe in unconditional love,
because certain conditions took you away from my heart.

It is what you fear to loose,
fear to hold,
fear to touch,
fear to feel,
fear to have…
My love is the fear of not being with you.

To Love is to Live
To Live is to Die
To Die is to Live
Love lives to Die
And most of all,
Love Kills

How did roses become the most beautiful flower in the world?
Simply because enough people loved them.


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