Poem: A Good Kind of Bad

I’m trying to get all my old poetry on here, so I can move on to new stuff!

I look up and I see you standing there.
I resist to touch and resist to stare.
You look down on me, and brush me aside.
I feel strange and woefully denied.
When I dust myself off and try to walk away,
You take hold of me and demanded that I stay.
You make it clear, how you can leave me behind,
But how I am also confined.
Mixed are the the emotions you project,
Unsure of acceptance or reject.
Am I truly captive here?
Or do I shamefully enjoy the fear?
The back and forth of our dance,
The step and sway of my trance,
My sigh with every push,
My high with every pull,
I am a fool for you.
Use me and Abuse me,
As long as you choose me.
So bad, that I am gone.
So good, it must be wrong.
My addiction to you, makes me weep.
But I crave you, and seek to keep.

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