Gremlin Ssscat! 03-01-14

We bought “Ssscat” which is a motion censored device that sprays a giant puff of air. They aren’t allowed in the bedroom and they used to pester us from the bedroom door. This helped break them of that habit.

Gremlin was very persistant. She’s came to the door, it’d spray her, she’d run away. A few mintues later, she’d come back and it’d happen again. We went through the cannister quickly, which was about 2 days before it was out. We went through 3 cans, so it only took a little less than a week for her to decide she didn’t want to pester us at the door anymore!

Now, being the shutterbug that I am, I couldn’t resist getting the camera out! I recorded the first encounter. I setup the camera across the hall, went into the bedroom to make some noise, and here comes Gremlin.


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