Why is being girly so hard?!

I have always had a girly side to me. I have always loved cute animals and plushies. At the same time, I have always been a bit of a tom boy. I didn’t like dresses, nor pink, and I had mostly male friends. In my teen years, I did end up with girl friends, but I still had a male best friend whom I was very close to. In my adult years, I ended up with almost exclusively male friends. At the same time, I finally decided it was okay to like pink, wear dresses, and goob about cute stuff.

I watched this video “If Girl BFFs acted like Guy BFFS” on Youtube. Yeah okay… so this is what my friendships are like. So, I guess I’m a bro in addition to being girly. I like my friendships this way. I like UFC, Gaming, checking out hot girls, rough housing, and being crude and sarcastic. I like being a bro. However, I wish I had someone to girly girl with. I like kawaii stuff! I like selfies too! I like being a girl a lot.

So I watched the other video “If guy best friends acted like girl best friends” and it was so exhausting. I was suddenly reminded of how awkward it is for me to have girlfriends. Why is being girly so hard?! I’m like a hybrid girly-bro. I like being this way. I embrace both my femininity and my masculinity. I’m also very nerdy, and nerds are very accepting. I think I need some nerdy girlfriends.


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