The Singularity

My birthday just passed and though I feel very young at heart, the truth is that the vast majority of my friends are a decade younger than I am. It’s not that I seek out young friends, it’s just that it’s where I fit in. Must be that young at heart mentality! My friends are so young, that they haven’t experienced the amazing change of a childhood without computers and cellphones into the digital age of technology.

When I was growing up, I didn’t have a computer nor a cellphone. Social Media wasn’t really a thing. When you wanted to know what a word meant, there was no googling it. When you needed to study or do homework, you went to the library! As a teenager, only the rich kids had cellphones, and computers were in the libraries and businesses. In my young adulthood, just before I exited my teen years, I got into computers. As my twenties passed, the digital age progressed and I enjoyed the exploration.

I remember the day that was launched. My husband (fiance at the time) had gmail beta accounts when it was invitation only! I remember my hotmail days where my emails were rejected when my inbox got full. I recall the days the when spam ravaged the inbox and how utterly amazing gmail’s spam filtering capabilities were. I remember using Alta Vista to search and migrating to yahoo searchs, and then jumping on the google bandwagon. Back in my day, searching the internet was far more time consuming because you had to filter out pages of irrelevant garbage… and slower. When google launched, it was faster, far more accurate, and the page wasn’t an eye sore! Their simplistic design was ingenuinous.

I remember joining MySpace and how cool it was… untill I grew to hate the obnoxious glittery animated custom skins. I jumped ship and joined FaceBook pretty eary on and at that time it wasn’t that popular. I litterally was searching for an alternative to MySpace when I found it. I harped on my friends to try it and after a lot of effort they started to like it! Now? Facebook is huge!

Over the past decade, the digital age has exploded! While I appreciate the age I was born in and I often reminisce the days of old, I greatly appreciate the world I live in now. You know the saying, “I think I was born in the wrong age?” well this is the age I wish I was born in… then again, would I have gotten to experience the wonder of coming into the age, rather than being born in it? It’s hard to adequately articulate the experience. It’s a good one… filled with wonder, amazement, appreciation, hope, and imagination.

Why hope? Hope for the future! Of all the impossible things that are now possible. In my day, there are things in Science Fiction that, if possible, wouldn’t happen in my life time. Yet, they are actually possible and in their infansy now! Invisibility and teleportation exists. I haven’t reached midlife yet. Things from my favorite Scifi show, Star Trek, growing up actually exist… the communicators (cellphones), PADDs (tablets), Replicators (3D Printers), and more.

The Singularity is fast approaching and I want to be here to witness it.


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