Mimi’s Cafe (All The Noms)


Everything at Mimi’s Cafe looked amazing. The decore was lovely and the food looked encredibly appetizing. Yet, I was underwhelmed with the taste of the food. I was disappointed. It’s not that it was particularly bad, but it wasn’t all that great either. I almost think the presentation was too good. It’s like wrapping a tiny present in a huge box.



The homemade pot pie ($11.45) was made with a golden brown flakey crescent bread and it was presented beautifully. However, it was bland. Even the crescent looked better than it tasted. I didn’t actually finish it.



My husband had the meatloaf ($11.45), but it was just as boring in flavor as the pot pie. Again, it wasn’t what we would call bad, but it certainly wasn’t the best either. I love that they put so much attention into the presentation. I just wish they had put more attention into the flavors.


They highlighted their fresh-baked croissants and muffins, so I tried the honey muffin. Contrary to the other dishes, this was saturated in honey. It looked like it was bleeding honey out of every crumb. I tried it and it was way too sweet for me. I didn’t eat more than one bite.



The only thing I like was the carrot bread. I normally hate spiced breads like carrot, pumpkin, apple, etc. However, this bread was so tasty. It was sweet, but not too sweet. It was spiced but not too spiced. Honestly, I’m sad they only gave us a little slice of it! It’s the one thing that I thought was well rounded and good, and they were stingy with it.


Again the food wasn’t terrible. However, we had assumed it would be amazing because it looked amazing; so when it was mediocre it inadvertently made the experience far more disappointing.


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