Big Truck Tacos (All The Noms)


It’s about time that we told you about Big Truck Tacos. Yes, they do have a local dine-in location, in addition to street food trucks. They aren’t your normal tacos. They are quite creative. We’ve gone many times and have never been disappointed. They have a huge variety, so when you try them, get more than one kind of taco. If you don’t like one, try another one. I imagine that you’ll find the one you really like. They are delicious.


In the video, you might think he’s being funny… well, he is… but he also meant it. My husband’s favorite taco at Big Truck Tacos is the Beef Al Carbon. He gets one every time, and then tries something different for his second taco. It’s actually our common order – one favorite, one mystery. It’s exciting and fun. It also lets you experience new things that you may not have tried if you knew what it was. We definitely recommend this place, we love it!



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