Basil Mediterranean Cafe (All The Noms)



Basil Mediterranean Cafe claims they have the “Best Gyros In The Universe”. That’s a pretty bold claim. We’ve had some really good gyros… so we decided to put them to the test! Were they the best in the universe? No. We’ve had some amazing gyros at a tiny little store front called Ali Baba in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana. Were Basil’s gyros at least good? Yes. Are they the best in OKC? So far, yes!


My only complaint was that it was huge and unweilding! It was very difficult and messy to eat. It’s inconvenient enough that I think I’ll get a gyro platter next time. A platter has everything in pieces, rather than a large sandwich. It wasn’t enough to thrawt me from eating it though!

The sauce is on the side and it was plenty for me. We love feta on our gyros, but you have to order that on the side. I loved the grilled pepper and they actually had some sort of white cheese in there too. Most gyros have tomatos, but these didn’t, and that’s great for me! Even the fries were pretty darn good. They were a little crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

I recommend Basil’s for a yummy gyro! It’s better than the pizza place gyros!



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