Applebee’s Bar & Grill (All The Noms)


We hadn’t been to Applebee’s in a very long time and this visit was pretty disappointing. We both ordered a steak and when it came out, I thought it looked odd. Sure… there were grill marks on it… but the meat looked so pale. We both like our steaks medium rare and yet it didn’t look right on the inside. It was also not all that juicy. We had them make us new ones, and they came out that same pale grayish white color again. The look of it alone diminished my ability to enjoy it. When I tasted it, it tasted the way it looked. It wasn’t juicy, and it was rubbery to chew.


How do you make a steak so poorly four times over? Then a thought occurred to us… was the meat frozen? We asked the manager and sure enough, it’s frozen steaks that come with grill marks already on them. What a load of crap! Those grill marks are just a marketing ploy. Frozen steaks are awful! What’s more, is they are in the same parking lot as a grocery store. Go buy fresh meat!

I was never a big steak fan growing up, but now I love a good steak as long as it’s done right! Texas Roadhouse is by far my favorite! Cattlemen’s is my second favorite, with Cimarron in third. Other places that focus on fresh and/or local products and quality tend to delivery great food. If those places can do it, then I have no patience for places that cut corners or just don’t take pride in their food.

Some things are okay to make from frozen, but not a steak. I’m even suspicious that they microwave the steak to thaw it. I didn’t ask them, but I had already decided that I wouldn’t be going back there again.


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