I’m having one of those reflective days. In my journey and growth, I have learned a lot about forgiveness and adulthood. It’s simultaneously very difficult and yet so easy to forgive. I view twenty-somethings as closely related to teens, because they are still maturing and finding themselves. I have learned that transgressions of young people should not bar them from forgiveness, for our younger selves often grow into a decent human beings.

“Growing up” isn’t a matter of age. It’s a matter of personal growth and becoming a better person. I have learned that even the most well meaning souls can have negativity and regret. I have learned that there are more important things than what our younger selves valued so deeply. I have learned to build walls to protect against petty and childish drama.

I’m not middle aged yet and I feel young a heart, but still I feel that I have found wisdom. I have grown up and I have found myself. I have come to forgive people and transgressions that I never thought I’d let go of. Life is a journey and I am always learning.

I find that it’s not only difficult to forgive others, but yourself. I am not without regrets, but I forgive myself and I am happy with my efforts in making peace. I don’t believe that all transgressions are forgivable or deserved. Alternately, some people never grow up and cannot get past the emotional transgressions. For those unforgivables, trying to do the right thing and self absolution is the key. Although, don’t confuse forgiveness with renewed friendship.

I do sometimes wonder if there is anyone out there that I owe an apology to and just don’t know it. I’m open to hear it and I’ll definitely consider an apology. If there is anyone out there who has hurt me and regrets it… don’t fear approaching me, because I am open to apologies. If it’s unforgivable, I’ll likely just ignore you and what you do with you guilt is up to you. Luckily, I can only think of one who I’m not likely to ever forgive.

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