Turkey Day Gobble Gobble

I have a few points to talk about today and it’s all about Thanksgiving controversies! The inspiration for this post is thanks to my husband, because we don’t actually agree on this topic. For the past few years, my husband has been posting on facebook that he takes the pledge not to shop on Thanksgiving Day, because people should spend Thanksgiving with their families. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that people should have the right to spend the holidays with their families. I, too, disagree with companies who force employees to work the holidays… but only to an extent.

What he doesn’t mention, is that he plans to volunteer to work on Thanksgiving because the holiday pay is amazing and it will help us in saving up for getting a house. In fact, he plans to even work on Christmas. I’m personally fine with this because he works days and he’ll be home for holiday dinner and night time snuggles. Now, if he was being forced to work evenings or nights on the holidays, I’d be angry with this employer and I’m sure I’d want to boycott tech support. Thankfully, in our situation, this is not the case.

For some people, they can’t afford the holidays. Working the holidays gives them enough money to buy a decent meal, buy xmas presents for the kids, or just pay the long overdue bills. Is it right to force businesses to close on Thanksgiving Day when there are people relying on that Holiday pay? Some people really do need that extra money. I remember a time when we were that poor. We would have been very upset if someone took that away from us, because we needed that money more than Thanksgiving Day. Dare I say that we were Thankful to work and get that extra money.

There is nothing stopping people from buying a turkey and having a Thanksgiving meal with the family any day of the year! Of course, nothing stops us from having Christmas in July either, but it wouldn’t be the same outside of it’s proper date. I’m just saying that there are priorities and working the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t work around it. It sucks, but does it warrant a boycott? I’m not convinced.

We don’t know which stores are assholes forcing people to work and which stores are voluntary. Furthermore, if you are going to pledge not to shop on Thanksgiving Day, then that should include eating out (restaurants, fast food, and delivery), stopping for gas (sorry travelers!), going to the movies, calling tech support, going to the bank, etc. Personally, I’m thankful for people manning the gas stations on the holidays so that others can travel home to see their families! I’m just saying, don’t single out one type of business. If you are going to take the pledge, do it right!

I remember a time when my mother was offended that the grand kids were being taught “Turkey Day” instead of “Thanksgiving Day” at school. I have to say that I agree, but that’s only because it’s school. If you are going to teach the holidays, do it right! Truth be told, even if they call it by its proper name, they’ll still teach it with turkeys and being thankful.

Outside of school, I’m fine with calling it “Turkey Day”. Let’s be honest here, Thanksgiving is seen by some as a celebration of the conquest and genocide of Native Americans by colonists. I live in Oklahoma and I can tell you that my school in Michigan never taught us about the Trail of Tears.  For those who still don’t know (bless your heart), it’s when the Native Americans where marched off their land, to which many of them died.

Now some people might find this hypocritical, but I still celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Why? Because I’m not really celebrating what happened to the Native Americans. I’m celebrating a day of being Thankful. Not celebrating Thanksgiving because of the horrible past would be like saying I can’t be patriotic because of what happened. Here’s the thing, I wasn’t there, my parents weren’t there. I’m sorry that it happen, just as I’m sorry for what happened to the Jews and the African people. To me, Thanksgiving is now a beautiful holiday that brings the family together and for giving thanks for what you have.

It’s just like my views on Christmas. I’m not Christian and I still celebrate Christmas, but not for what it’s supposed to be. My xmas is Santa Clause, Rudolph, Frosty, presents, and spending time with family! Ironically, my husband gets very agitated when he sees Christmas decorations out before Black Friday, for no good reason in my opinion. I just don’t share his view point. In my opinion, the earlier they get things out, the sooner you can get started on holiday planning. If he saw xmas stuff out in July, I think his brain would explode. He’s an atheist! Why does he even care?


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