Review: Magic Magic

I watched the movie Magic Magic because Juno Temple is in it. I felt the acting was really great and they did a great job creating a sense of rapid dissolve into something fucked up. However, it’s not worth watching. I wouldn’t even download it for free. The plot, if you can call it a plot, was worthless.

First of all, the preview is complete bullshit. The movie is not what you think it is after watching that preview.

The whole first hour, probably more, was boring. Talk, talk, talk, talk, whine, whine, blah, panic, stupidity. At first, I thought perhaps the characters were tormenting Alicia (Juno). When they hypnotized her, I thought perhaps something more interesting was going to happen. Then, with the odd animal stuff and native healers, maybe it was something more sinister. At one point, I thought perhaps she was ill, maybe an infection. Oh and her cousin Sara was obviously hiding an abortion, so I figured that must have something to do with it. Or maybe not? I don’t know!

I have no fucking idea what this plot was! Was there a plot? Was she being tormented? Was she maliciously drugged? Did she take a bunch of drugs or not? Was she on medication or not? Was she insane? Was she ill with something? Was she possessed? Was the room evil? Did the mirrors actually have anything to do with anything? Was there any magic? I mean, there was a ritual. Did Alicia die or is she now soulless? Did her cousin have an abortion? Was there a reason for that nugget in the movie? Was there a fucking point at all?!

Did the writers play a game of pass the story? One guy had a get idea and started writing the script, then drew a blank and gave it to another writer, who had a different idea but only started where the last writer left off. Then he too passed what he’d done off to another writer, who then also had a new idea but only started with the last guy left off… and so on until the point of this movie was lost.

It was labelled as a “psychological horror”, so I assume Alicia was mental, had a psychotic break, and everyone else was just fucking stupid. She’s not dead at the end, just highly traumatized thanks to a bunch of ignorant assholes and her not taking her crazy pills… or taking too many other random pills? Whatever. It was a waste of time.

Juno Temple, Michael Cera, Emily Browning, and Catalina Sandino Moreno were fantastic. What a waste of talent and a grossly missed opportunity for a good movie.



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