This Isn’t About Ice Cream

You will never understand my passion for banana splits, if you aren’t willing to venture past a scoop of vanilla ice cream and the occasional excitement of a dash of rainbow sprinkles. While your average sugar cake cone is liked by millions of ice cream consumers, I am not content. I loath that little cardboard tasting cone. I prefer a waffle cone. It’s more exciting, it tastes better, and it’s bigger. If I can’t have the cone of my choice, I’ll just have it in a cup instead.

Some times I am tempted by a sweet scoop of vanilla, but only as long as I can garnish it with the acidity of pineapples or the joy of chocolate chips… otherwise, it’s just plain old vanilla. While I don’t dislike vanilla, it is far less exciting than chocolate. There is something else that I savor… sweet, pleasurable, and taboo. It’s the difference between something good and something amazing that I yearn for.

There are times that I can see your vanilla ice cream melting and I wonder if maybe I can taunt you into trying another flavor. Often times, you give way to the chocolate that satisfies me greater than vanilla, but that dark sweetness is only a foot in the door. The thought of Neapolitan excites you behind closed doors, a taboo of flavors that shouldn’t go into the same carton. What if I don’t like strawberry? Perhaps it’s fear that turns you away from the real treat. Perhaps if you could just taste it, than you’d be ever so closer to the banana split that taunts my taste buds. The different flavors of ice cream, the cool whip, the bananas, the wide variety of toppings that we could experiment with. So what if you don’t like strawberry? There are many other amazing flavors to try!

I want you to sample the whole Baskin Robbins with me… but first, you have to be willing to try the Neapolitan first. If you cannot stand to even look at the carton of ice cream, how can you begin to understand my craving? I know that I am not along in my tastes, but this is one thing I wish you could crave with me. Do you know what I crave? A banana split… or something more taboo?


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