Rude Vapers

I think it’s great that people can use vapes instead of cigarettes. It’s much healthier. However, I find that a lot of vapers are rude. People like to use the “smoke vs vape” defense… but it doesn’t apply here. I hated smokers, and I’m starting to hate a lot of vapers too. I don’t care for the smell of the vape, just as I didn’t like the smell of cigerettes. I don’t like smoke nor vapor clouds blown in my face. I don’t like clouds of anything obstructing my view of my friends when I’m trying to have a conversation. People who vape can say “It’s harmless water vapor” all they want and regardless if they are correct or not, I still don’t want to be around it. You may have the right to vape and smoke cigarettes, but you don’t have the right to invade my personal space… not that it ever stopped smokers and not that it stops vapers either.

Now, I’m not unreasonable. If it’s a small enclosed area, a restaurant, or my HOME, please don’t vape. If it’s at work, please vape outside. If you see people fighting off the vape cloud, put it away or step outside. I don’t care what your argument is on why it shouldn’t bother me. If it interferes with the enjoyment of my conversation, my meal, or my existence in the same vicinity, then I have a probem with it. If vaping is an inconvenience to me, then I promise you that I’ll end up on the side of the fence that wants it banned indoors. Your addiction and habits shouldn’t be imposed on me. Honestly, I shouldn’t be surprised… the vapers are the same smokers I hated before, but now they are douchier about it because it’s “just water vapors”. It’s a cloud in my face. That’s what it is.

Also, I find it INCREDIBLY rude to have someone vape in my home without asking. It happened once, and that will be the last time. I don’t care if it was unscented or bacon scented. I have a sensitive nose and “unscented” still seems to have a weird tinge to it. More so, I don’t want that cloud in my face. It makes my nose run. I don’t want to breath in your used vapors. It grosses me out.

I’ve had to deal with two especially rude vapers, one at home and one at work. Both issues have been resolved, thankfully. I have recently had a polite vaper ask about whether to vape outside or indoors, and to her I say thank you and you have my respect.


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