Do Us A Flavor (All The Noms)

Lay’s came out with some flavors suggested by consumers that we (the consumers) get to vote on our favorite! The only one that I’ve found out here in OKC is the Cappuccino flavored chips and I have to say that it is pretty spot on!



I honestly didn’t expect to be impressed. I imagined that it would either be a salty chip mixed with some sweetness, or it would just be too much cinnamon, but it wasn’t either. First of all, it did smell like a cappucinno. Let me be spefic, it didn’t just smell like coffee, it smelled like a CAPPUCCINO! Great smell, great start!



When I took my first bite, I did taste lite cinnamon. As a person who generally hates cinnamon, this wasn’t bad at all. It was just enough cinnamon without over doing it. Then there was the “frothy” taste of coffee. I wouldn’t have thought that “frothy” could be described as a taste, but it happened. I was so surprised at how well they managed to make this taste like a cappuccino that I have to say “What sorcery is this?!?!”


I really want to try the other flavors!


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