La Frontera (All The Noms)


La Frontera is a little cafeteria-looking restaurant. The food wasn’t bad, but it didn’t impress me either. I’m not familiar with a lot of authentic Mexican food, so perhaps it’s just simple comfort food that I take for granted. Still, this is about my opinion of the food that I tried, and I will continue to give my honest opinion.



When I ordered the chile relleno, which has become a favorite of mine, she asked if I wanted corn or flour tortillas. I was confused because I’ve never been given tortillas with chile rellenos. Then when the food came out, and I was confused again, thinking maybe she misheard me. It didn’t look like a chile relleno, at least from past experiences at Mexican restaurants.

I took a bite, and it turns out that it was a flat, mushy, chile relleno. Meh. I’ve had way better at other places (On The Border was my favorite). The beans and rice were bland, not that I expected much of that. The corn tortillas were great but it seemed out of place and unnecessary. I ended up putting the chile, rice, and beans in the tortillas just because. The food was fairly bland in general.


My husband got the enchiladas and he says they were okay. The beef tasted good and there was only cheese. There wasn’t any of the good sauce in it like we’ve had at other places. They’re definitely not the best he’s ever had. Perhaps we are spoiled by American flare?


It’s a cheap, unimpressive place, but isn’t horrible either. If you want some amazing Mexican food, go some plac else. I hate to say this, but if I want tasty cheap Mexican food, Taco Bell would be more satisfying.

However, this place also has a big selection of Mexican candy and that was good! I liked this peanut candy thing a lot.




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