The Joys of Grass

I mean the grass beneath your feet where flowers grow! I love the smell of fresh cut lawns. It reminds me of waking up early on a Sunday morning, the sound of the lawn mower, the smell, and how much fun it was to play in the yard! Do kids do that anymore?

Right now, living in an apartment, I miss having a lawn. Luckily, there is a park right next to us, so sometimes, I go out and play. You are never too old to play in the grass. I remember sitting in an ant pile once. That wasn’t pleasant! So, make sure to know your lawn and what’s in it. I love to roll around in the grass and feeling it between my toes. I love picnics and if the grass is right, I might not use a blanket at all!

After the yawn was mowed, I used to make little fake bird’s nests from the clippings. Sadly, no birds ever moved into the ground nests… but it was fun to imagine! What I used to call flowers, others called weeds. As a child, I would make little flower rings with white clovers. I always imagined that the flower took the place of a gem. There were tiny little white flowers that sprinkled the lawn, to which I think are called Wild Garlic Flowers. My red hair would be littered with these tiny flowers and grass. Dandelions were a favorite for making wishes and blowing the little seeds into the air. Have you ever plopped backward into a field of dandelions? The puff of little feathered seeds floating up into the air is a sight to see!

I found many a bug to investigate in the grass, from spiders, to bees, ants, ladybugs, and …. crawdads! If you found a pool of water in Louisiana (where I spent my childhood), you could find teeny little crawfish babies. You could scoop them up GENTLY in your hand. They would pinch you, but it didn’t hurt because they were so tiny. I never hurt any of them and I’m sure I named them all. It was like having a little pet farm outside my house. I used to examine the grass carefully, finding and inspecting whatever bug I came across. I’d even watched bees poking about the white clovers and wonder what they were doing with them.

Sure, I like gardens and flowers… but I love grass and weeds! In a garden, you can’t just roll around and pick flowers! Someone is bound to get very mad at that. In the weeds and grass, it’s free range to experience nature. When we get into a house, I’ll be sure to keep the yard clean and puppy poo free, so I can roll around and hunt for bugs again.


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