Porto Fino’s Italian Restaurant (All The Noms)


We ate here on Wednesday. So, while this is a new place for us, still keep an eye out for today’s New Food Friday. My husband noticed that they had a ton of menus for some reason. It looked like a lot more menus than this place needed… but that’s just a moot observation.

This place was hot and humid. Either they didn’t have air conditioning or it just sucked. They also used those tacky vinyl table cloths that I hate. By tacky, I mean they feel tacky to the touch. It’s almost a sticky feeling, because any moisture makes your arm stick to it! Aside from that, the decor was quite lovely. When I got a closer look, I noticed the water fountains. Combine those with the rainy weather outside, it was pretty wet in the air. We took our order to go. I don’t recommend dining in until they fix the air conditioning. Hot and moist is a no for me.



Once we got home, I looked at the rolls and salad first. The rolls didn’t look appetizing, so we didn’t even try them. The salad looked fresh and simple. It was just lettuce, one single tomato slice, a single pepperoncini, and a little cup of italian dressing. It tasted like a bare salad. Nothing to cheer over. At least it was fresh!


My husband ordered the Chicken Alfredo ($8.95) and he says it was good. The chicken was fairly tender. The alfredo sauce was creamy and had a nice pesto seasoning. We don’t think the sauce was made from scratch… perhaps jarred? However, it was a pleasant taste so we can’t complain! We’ve had some pretty bad alfredo at Olive Garden, so we appreciate a good alfredo. My husband definitely liked his dinner!


I got the Manicotti ($7.95). For those who don’t know what it is, it’s “Rolled pasta sheets stuffed with ricotta and mozzarella cheese and baked in tomato sauce” (quoted from their menu). It was pretty darn tasty and I really liked it. First of all, it looked so good with all that sauce and melted cheese on top. It smelled great. It didn’t lack any flavor. It was a little tangy and I could swear that I tasted a little pesto in there, but I could be wrong. Either way, it was great! It’s worth picking up a bite to go!






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