Trapper’s Fishcamp & Grill (All The Noms)


Pearl’s Restaurant Group consists of  Pearl’s Oyster Bar, Pearl’s Crabtown, and Trapper’s Fishcamp & Grill. Sadly, my review isn’t shining. It’s not because it was particularly bad, but because Pearl’s Crabtown is amazing. I recommend Pearl’s any day. If you are going to eat at one of these restaurants, opt for Pearl’s!



My husband ordered the Blackened Ahi Tuna which was good… but it wasn’t better than Pearl’s. I took a bite of it, and I agreed that it was quite tasty and tender. We just both prefer Pearl’s blackened catfish! Perhaps the catfish at Trapper’s is just as good? I don’t know.


The little bowl of gumbo was fine. It wasn’t great. I’ve made better at home. Now, to be fair, I didn’t like the gumbo at Pearl’s. So, I must say that Trapper’s has a better gumbo. Still, I’m a cajun girl from Lake Charles, Louisiana, and I can be quite harsh in my judgement of gumbo. If it doesn’t stand up to the way we make it at home, then it’s not the best. I’ve had far better gumbo elsewhere (which includes Cajun King, Big Easy, Bourbon Street Cafe, and of coarse at home). 

IMG_20140820_184757For my meal, I decided to order the fried oysters and calamari. They were okay. The oysters were bland but plentiful.


While the calamari was fine to eat, it was not as good as the calamari served at Pearl’s. I absolutely love it at Pearl’s, but the calamari at Trapper’s was bland and boring. However, to be fair, there were two choices for the calamari; the spicy and the one with the sauce. I typically got the spicy calamari at Pearl’s but I had gotten the one with the sauce this time. Perhaps this was my mistake?

IMG_20140820_190609I’m going to be honest here, go to Pearl’s Crabtown. The decor is fantastic, the service is great, the food is amazing! the menu has a lot more options. If you have the money for it, order the boil! I really need to go to Pearl’s and write up a review for them soon. Since, we judged it in comparison to another one of their restaurants, I think we’ll try Trapper’s again in the future and make an updated review. Here’s to hoping for a better experience!




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