Firehouse Subs (All The Noms)

20140906_143142-1We’ve passed by this place many times. My bestfriend and I often groan when my husband suggests subs for lunch. It’s not that we don’t like subs, it’s that we often disagree on what sub place to go to. My hubby loves Jersey Mike’s and sure it’s a great place. I happen to still like Subway, and both places have their strengths and weaknesses. We’ve even tried Jimmy Johns, which is another good sub place. However, I think we found a winner to unite us at Firehouse Subs!

20140906_143218-1The motif is cute and there are little plastic firefighter hats for the kids. The place looks nice, it’s clean, and they have nice employees. We debated what we wanted to try, but ended up defaulting to our sub favorites. My husband loves a good meatball sub and I usually get an italian. So, we decided to get a large of both and just split them, so we could try both together. Here’s the menu!


Even though we didn’t try the hot sauce, I thought the containers were super cute. I love these little fire hydrants. I almost wanted to buy one just for the sake of having the container!


The food looked great, smelled great, and was well presented. The forks were plastic but they looked like real forks. That amused me in a good way. The basket had plenty of room in it, so the sub wasn’t crammed at all. The pickles were very tasty and crunchy too!


Let’s talk about the Italian first. I opted for no lettuce and added banana peppers. It was very tasty, but it was not the typical italian that I get at other places. It was missing the spicy flavor that those italian meats are known for and was very sweet in flavor. Don’t get me wrong, it was really tasty! It was also unique to me. I asked what the sauce was and she said it was mayo, mustard, and italian dressing. The banana pepper did not bring out any of the spicy. If you want a spicy italian, you may want to ask them to hold the italian sauce. We do agree that Jersey Mike’s italian sub is better, but don’t let that stop you from trying this one! It’s different, but it’s so good!

20140906_144653I do like a good meatball sub, but I don’t typically order it at other places. However, we both agreed that this is the best meatball sub we have ever had! We didn’t finish the italian sub because we were all caught up in the meatball sub! We ended up taking the italian home for later. The sauce was so good and the cheese that is melted on top seemed to seal in the flavor. I tried a piece of the meatball without the sauce and cheese, and it was quite tasty.

20140906_144703We imagine the other subs are probably pretty darn good too. I highly recommend giving this place a try, especially if your friends can’t all agree on a sub place! Definitely try the meatball sub and let us know in the comments if you liked anything else.





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