Empire Slice House (All The Noms)

IMG_20140828_191644Okay, so I have a bit of a mixed opinion of Empire Slice House in the Plaza District. It’s a pizza place that serves alcohol. The place is kinda of small, but it’s interesting to say the least. It has a lot of personality and I think it’s a great place to have some drinks with friends. We were fairly rowdy at our table and no one paid any mind to the antics. The servers were pretty cool themselves.


Yes, there is a pink elephant out front! They have outside seating, which is fine if it’s not 100 degrees or an ice storm. The walls had a lot of weird stuff on it, but it added a shit tonne of personality. Even the bathroom walls were interesting. If you do visit Empire, take a moment to browse the walls. IMG_20140828_193755

Some of the menus were filthy, but let’s be honest, the pizzas were greasy and messy. They served it on paper plates which the grease soaks through. It’s obvious that the dough and cheese is low grade. I’ve definitely had way better quality pizza, and I’d rather order from Marco’s Pizza personally. However, I did say that I had a mixed opinion, so please keep reading!


Empire does have a rather unique selection of slices. My friends and my husband loved the different kinds of pizza they tried, despite the greasy low quality. If you want to try something different, and don’t mind the mess or grease, then this is the place to try (so far). The pizza smells great and there are some interesting flavors that did taste good despite the quality. I won’t lie, it was fun playing pass the pizza. They even make their own unique popsicles with dipping sauce (but I didn’t get a photo, sorry). Now, this appetizer was really good! It had a lot of flavor. It’s called “When I Dip” which is made of roasted artichoke, marinated spinach, red pepper, and bacon.





While the servers were nice and full of character (just as this pizza shop is), they were hugely disorganized. It seemed like they didn’t know who order what, they forgot things that we ordered, and we ended up with extra food because they didn’t know where to take it. We did not get charged for anything we didn’t order, which is a good thing.

If they worked on the quality of the cheese and the dough, made it less greasy, and less messy (maybe use real plates or sturdier paper plates), this would be a diamond in the rough, rather than a novelty.






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