Whisky Cake Kitchen (All The Noms)


Whiskey Cake Kitchen is another great locally-sourced restaurant! They had their own little garden out front, from herbs, to cabbage and eggplants. They even had some fresh from-scratch juice drinks with real fruit, and it’s very creative The decor is prohibition era and I thought it had a bit of a steampunk like flair to it. My husband did not agree, but we shall agree to disagree!


For you budget conscious folks, like us, I’ve included a shot of both sides of the menu. As you can see, they have a bar as well as some interesting menu items. The prices are actually not all that bad if you are looking a nice restaurant sit down with the husband or date. 20140830_114614

20140830_114624So first, we ordered an appetizer. We don’t typically order deviled eggs, but it looked interesting on the menu. It said “New but familiar… we’ll keep em’ interesting” which suggests that perhaps they do something different with them every day. When we ordered them, she warned us that it was topped with “cauliflower, manchego, and country ham today”. We were right, it is different every day! So why not?

I loved the long heavy dish that brought it out in. The presentation was great! The cheese looked a bit like webbing on top of the eggs. It was a bit difficult to eat, but less messy than you would think. sure, the cauliflower and cheese fell off a lot, but it was easy to put it up and pop it in your mouth. The ham tasted like bacon which was delicious. The whole thing was actually quite amazing! These eggs were fantastic and I’m definitely interested in trying the next incarnation.

20140830_120126We also were adventurous enough to try their specialty drinks (the non-alcoholic variety). I tried the Hulk which is fresh muddled basil, cucumbers, pineapple, lemon, and local honey. I thought it tasted very fresh and cool… very refreshing and different. I’m not a huge fan of basil, but it worked. The hubby tried the Little Pink Drink which is made of Texas grapefruit, pineapple, cranberry, agave nectar, and guava. Out of those five ingredients, I only like pineapple. I hate grapefruit, I hate cranberries, guava is awful, and I hate agave nectar too… but then I tried it. It was sweet and quite delicious. I was very surprised, because I’ve hated everything grapefruit and cranberry (except craisins). So I recommend trying it, because you might just be pleasantly surprised. Also, the drinks smell good and they look good too!

20140830_120136 20140830_120132

My husband tried the BELT but didn’t like it all that much. The egg was sunny side up and he felt it made it too messy. He’d have liked to have it medium to hard cooked instead. He also didn’t really like the green fried tomatoes on it. I had never had any, so I tried one, and it was too sour for me. The remoulade was too strong and it overpowered the sandwich, in addition to adding to the messiness. He felt that there was too much and it was just overwhelming. I will say that it smelled and looked amazing, well presented. They also voluntarily removed it from our ticket, which is fantastic service!


Despite my husband’s entry, mine was simply delicious. I shared half of it with him and he agreed that this dish shined. The Rotisserie “Farm Bird” had sauteed bloomsdale spinach and smokey onion mustard jus. Even if you don’t like spinach, try it anyway! It’s not big leaves, it’s just little green pieces that add just the right amount of flavor. The mustard was reminiscent of a creole mustard. The chicken was tender just the way I like it. The bird smelled great. I love an aromatic meal! The green beans were a bit tough, and I’m a girl who likes her greens well cooked and soft. So while those were not my favor, I think the food was quite decent and presented in a classy look.



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