Redrock Canyon Grill (All The Noms)

We wanted to try something new with a view and a nice dinner. We decided to try Redrock Canyon Grill which oversees Lake Hefner. It was a little bit of a wait, as their was a reunion going on that night; but we really didn’t mind it. We ordered a couple of margaritas and sat by the lake, taking in a night time view. The light house was lovely! I have to say, that drink was a tad stronger than I imagined and I got a little tipsy. It was quite lovely indeed.


Here’s a peek at their menu! My husband ordered the meatloaf, while I ordered the rotisserie chicken. We were seated outside, which was romantic. The sun was down, there was a candle on the table, and it overlooked the lake. It wasn’t too bad outside that night (this was on Aug. 15th). There was also a very drunk pretty girl at the reunion, who was slut dancing on one of the musicians while he played. She could not dance and it was quite amusing. Oh, did I mention there was live music? We really did have a good time.


My husband enjoyed the meatloaf and mash potatoes quite a bit. I used to not like meatloaf growing up, but I’ve come to appreciate a good loaf! I stole a bite and he was right! It was tasty! Well seasoned and juicy. The mashed potatoes were so flavorful. It was also a good portion of food. We were both stuffed!


I actually ordered the Cluck and Oink, which is part rotisserie chicken and part ribs. My mash was just as tasty as my hubby’s, and I loved the sweet glazed carrots. My husband is just not a fan of carrots, but I love it!! The chicken was so tender and delicious. I really enjoyed my dinner! Not far from our table, we could see the big fire with all the chickens turning over it. It was really neat! The ribs were fantastic, but I couldn’t eat all my food. We took the ribs home and ate them for a hearty midnight snack.


Redrock had great food, great drinks, great service, and a great atmosphere! I highly recommend them for any special occasions, romantic dates, or even just a night out to treat yourselves. Visit their Facebook here.


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