The Boob Window


If you are a fan of comics and superhero movies, you know what the “boob window” is. It’s a portion of a female heroine’s costume that is open around her cleavage like a window to her boobs. The picture above is Power Girl, she looks hot. I believe myself to be a feminist in many ways, but in this I fail. I like the boob window and I see nothing wrong with liking it. However, there is a piece of artwork that I saw that made me think about this more.

I got a chuckle out of it, but then I imagined someone actually cosplaying it (dressing up in costume) and I thought to myself  that it would be very inappropriate and lewd. I wouldn’t want children to see that! I even thought to myself that I might even be a little disgusted at his behavior. I like men, as well as women, and a dick pic is no less sexual than a tits pic. So why don’t I feel that way about women’s boobs? In reality it’s just as lewd and inappropriate as if a man wore jeans that showed off the base of his staff. That’s a fucked up double standard!

I thought about why I feel it’s fine to show off cleavage as a woman. It’s sexy and beautiful and it’s just a naked body. What’s the big deal? In fact, I don’t actually have a problem with nudity. Honestly, the dick window shouldn’t bother me. I’ve seen photos that show men in the sexy poses that women are put in, to show how ridiculous it is. However, I think those photos didn’t really illustrate the point to me very well. I’ve seen gay men do those poses and they look darn cute doing them. So really, did the photos look ridiculous because they were straight men? As opposed to the gay men looking fine in those feminine poses (because it’s normal). Now that illustrates the point better.

Women are sexualized to the point that it seems normal… and I’m okay with that. What bothers me, is that men are not held to the same standard and thus it feels wrong. It creates a disparity between men and women, especially when topics of rape and sexual harassment come up. If men were sexualized the way women are, they would understand. Women do not asked to be raped, or deserve to be harassed, for wearing sexy clothing. Society, mainstream, movies, magazines, and businesses all perpetuate this sexy image of women. If we are going to blame the victims (women) for it, then we should be blaming mainstream and business too. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame the industry, nor the women. I blamed the people who commit crimes.

Some might say that sexualizing women makes men thinks it’s okay to harass women or rape them, but I disagree with that too. That would be like blaming violence on video games. People who commit crimes need to take responsibility for themselves. And let’s be completely honest… do you really want women to dress up like nuns? If you ever look at a women and enjoy what she’s wearing, then maybe you should respect her and promote a safe environment so that she can continue be beautiful and you can continue to admire her.

As a feminist, I believe in female sexuality and having the right to flaunt it. I also believe that men have the same right to beauty and expression. Obviously, I have some deprogramming to do on myself though (dick windows lol).


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