On The Border (All The Noms)


The restaurant was clean and nice, but the booths were cramped and uncomfortable. When someone sat in the booth behind us, we feel ever twitch and turn. We have larger sized friends who would not have fit in those booths. The light fixtures were also pretty low. My 6ft 2in husband banged his head on it and was doging it through out dinner.

The server, Jose, was great. He was polite, he had a good personality, and he refilled our drinks promptly. He was easy to find when I had questions about the menu. We had some laughs and even complimented him to his manager.

We were served chips and salsa, like most Mexican restaurants. While the corn chips were house-made, large, and tasty, we did not like the salsa. The salsa was very running, a tad too spicy (medium), and was very heavy on the cilantro. My husband usually likes spicy salsa, but he did not care for this salsa. Too bad.


Our food arrived 20 minutes after we ordered it, which is great! My husband had the fajitas which were very tasty. The beef was tender and flavorful. The tortillas were also made in-house. There were a few flour pockets that he had to dust off, but otherwise they were good. Most restaurants only give you 2 or 3, but they gave my husband plenty of tortillas. However, they did skimp on the cheese and sour cream, and it costs 99 cents for any extra. Most of the veggies were well cooked, although the green peppers were crunchy. If you like your peppers crunky in a fajita, then you’ll love it. My husband prefers a softer pepper. Despite relatively minor complaints, he very much enjoyed his dinner.


I went for the “Build Your Own Entre” – sour cream enchiladas and one chile relleno. The side of rice was very bland, but I did like that they had corn in it. The refried beans were surprisingly delicious, which made up for the bland rice! They had a smokey flavor and some melted cheese on top. The enchiladas had a very flavorful red sauce inside which made them extra tasty. While I did like the enchiladas, the chile relleno is what I loved.


Most chile relleno’s I’ve had have been big and mushy. This chile came out looking crisp. When I cut into it, I loved the way the cheese oozed out and the aroma was just as pleasant. The cheese was thick like a ribbon, and yet it was gooey. The chile was soft but not at all mushy. It was so good! While it’s not as big as most places would serve, I think the smaller size allowed for a better prepared pepper, and it’s my favorite so far.


All in all, the experience was very good and I’d recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a nice Mexican meal.


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