Jimmy’s Egg (All The Noms)


We slept in and decided on having a nice brunch as our late lunch. We stopped by Jimmy’s Egg. The seating is hard wood, which isn’t very comfortable for my husband’s bony butt… nor for my cushiony behind either. I didn’t care for the seating. They were quick to get our drinks, but it seemed to take quite a while for anyone to come back to take our actual order.

We both ordered the “Garbage Breakfast” which is eggs, sausage and peppers, over a bed of hash browns. It also comes with biscuits and sausage gravy (or some other choices). The biscuits and gravy was tasty, but there was no sausage in it. I was very disappointed with that. I re-checked the menu and it does say “sausage gravy”. At least it tasted good, right?


We asked if they had any hot sauces other than the tabasco on the table, and they did have several option including our favorite – Louisiana Hot Sauce! Bonus points for having more hot sauces!

We were disappointed in the scrambled eggs because it was that powdered egg mix. Fresh eggs all the way, people. You can’t beat fresh food. Those powdered eggs are bland, slimy, and have no aroma. I remember my mom making breakfast in the morning and the smell of fresh food would wake me right up. Aroma is a big factor in my enjoyment of my food. Otherwise, the sausage and hash browns underneath were tasty. The plate was huge, so we couldn’t eat it all, and we liked it enough to get a to-go box.


I’ve had better breakfasts at other diners, but it wasfine for a lazy brunch on the weekend. I think if they switch to fresh eggs for their scrambles and put sausage in the gravy, it’ll be a better experience. Oh and put some cushions on those chairs please!!IMG_20140831_122445257


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