James E. McNellie’s (All The Noms)


This is a nice little Irish pub and grill. There are three floors, and only the third floor allows smoking. So if you want to enjoy a drink with friends and have a bite to eat without destroying your lungs, this place is the right atmosphere. The place is very clean, roomy, and had nice waitresses. The service was also fairly prompt which is ALWAYS a plus.

The husband tried the Landlord’s Pie, which is basically a Shepherd’s Pie. It was pretty good. It was better than the Shepherd’s Pie at our favorite Irish Pub (Sean Cummings), but it wasn’t better than the Twisted Kilt’s pie! The Twisted Kilt has an amazing pie that no one has been able to better so far.


I had the fish and chips. I have friends who don’t like fish and get ill when they smell it. There’s a fine line between a good smelling fish dish and a fishy ordor. Luckily, this fish did not have that overly fishy smell while still having a pleasant aroma. The batter was quite pleasant. Most places use a standard batter, but this was a little different. I thought that I was tasting a touch of cinnamon. Normally, I dislike cinnamon, but this was quite good. Our waitress told us that they used Old Bay, and when we googled it, one of the ingredients was indeed cinnamon.


I loved the batter, but alas I could tell the fish wasn’t fresh. It was a bit rubbery which gave it away. Thankfully it wasn’t mushy. For those skeptics in the crowd, I asked the server about the fish and she confirmed that it was frozen cape cod. The more often that we eat at places that serve fresh local produce and meats, the better it tastes and smells. I have to say, with such a well seasoned fish, if they serve it fresh, it’d be much better. It’s still a nice dish, but if you can get fresh fish somewhere else, why bother with frozen?

McNellie’s is actually a nice pub where you can have a good time with your friends. In terms of food and atmosphere, Sean Cummings is still our favorite, but it’s a much smaller pub. If I have a bigger group of friends, McNellie’s is a good place for a nice evening.


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