Preference of Summer or Winter?

There are people who prefer the heat over the cold and love summer more than winter. I am not one of those people. I hate the heat and I much prefer the cold and the winter. That’s not to say that I don’t ever complain about the bitter cold or don’t want to curl up in a warm blanket on a snowy night (because that’s the best kind of warmth). I just happen to prefer the cold and I can deal with it better.

First of all, there is only so much clothing I can take off when it’s hot, as opposed to the fact that I can put on layers of clothing, a jacket, and a blanket… or pile of blankets. In the cold, my two cats and my husband can cuddle with me to keep me warm, but in the summer when it’s hot I don’t want anyone to touch me! Sex in the summer is grueling, but sex in the winter is so nice!

Let’s imagine that it’s snowing in the winter and the power is out, so that there is no heating in the house. If it’s too cold, it’s pretty miserable and I can’t sleep. Even when I get really tired, I tend to be pretty awake in the cold. However, again, I can cuddle with my hubby and kitties, bundle up in clothing, and pile on the blankets! In that little pocket, I could probably get warm enough to get some shut eye!

Now let’s imagine the opposite – it’s a hot summer and the air conditioner is broken. I feel three times as tired and drained of energy, but I can’t sleep. This makes me so very cranky. I don’t want anyone to touch me, which isn’t great either. In fact, I could lay naked on my bed with a fan on me to help ease my misery (which I’ve done before) and it would still be too hot to get any rest. I have drank cold water, ate ice, use an ice pack on my head, used fans, take cold showers, and I still can’t get enough relief. I suffer heat sickness… so I feel sick when I’m hot.

People sometimes tell me you can’t go out in the winter, but you can in the summer. Oh to the contrary! When I go out in the summer, I feel sick, I feel tired and drained, I feel cranky, and the more I do, the worse I feel. I’m a redhead, so I burn with ease, which means I have to lather on the sunscreen which doesn’t feel so great on my skin, or look silly carrying an inconvenient umbrella on a clear sunny day. That just isn’t fun. I’d rather same home.

In the winter, I can go out without burning, without feeling tired or ill, and if I run around a bit, I warm up pretty good! I’m also a cosplayer and a huge geek, so most of the stuff I love to wear isn’t something I can wear in the summer. I have a collection of awesome and nerdy winter hats. The vast majority of my costuming is layers of stuff that I have nearly died in during the summer. I love going out into the snow! Fall leaves are gorgeous and so is the snow. Just add on the fact that it’s holiday season in the winter. Camping in the summer? Hell no! Camping in the winter? Campires, hell yeah! All those things you do in the summer, like swimming and wearing dresses and scantily clad outfits… that’s what fall is for (and indoor swimming pools)! Heck, even spring is awesome right before it gets hot.

I’m winter all the way, baby!


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