What Fan-Girling Feels Like

My husband said that we must go to the Fan Expo in Dallas, TX (note that there are two cons, the Fan Days this year and one in 2015 which has the vast majority of the stars) because his favorite doctor from Doctor Who will be there (at the Fan Days). There was no other pre-cursor for going. We didn’t know who all was going to be there, what type of things are going on, nor how much is costs. We knew nothing of this convention at this stage. The fact that Paul McGann was going to be there, is reason enough to go for even just one day. That’s the beginning of what being a fan is about.

He has, also, declared that we now have a deadline for when his Doctor Who custom needs to be done. Keep in mind, he already has a Doctor Who costume, but that’s the 11th Doctor from the Christmas Episode. He wants a very specific 8th Doctor costume when he meets his Doctor (yep, you guessed it, the 8th Doctor). Cosplayers put a lot of time and money into building their costumes. We take pride in them. We want them to be as accurate as humanly possible or at least epically creative! If the stars compliment your costume, you can’t imagine the sense of pride you feel. It’s like when your date drops his/her jaw at how stunning you look… it feels a little like that.

I just gave you but a taste of what being a fan feels like… we haven’t gotten there yet. So, we’re going to this convention and I decide to check out the website to see what else is going on (although it ended up being the 2015 con). I spot William Shatner on the first page as being recently added. I’m not gonna lie… I teared up a little. I grew up on Star Trek. I’m going to always love Star Trek. If only Leonard Nemoy was going to be there. When I was young, I lived in a violent household and then when my father went to prison, life was still very difficult. I had been watching Star Trek as far back as I can remember. It was my safe place. They went around the galaxy saving people and having adventures. I used to imagine that Cpt. Kirk and his crew would take us away with them. For a while, after my dad was gone, my mother worked a lot, we moved around a lot, and I was so lonely. TV was my bestfriend. The characters in shows were the people I got to know and no mater were we went, they were there. As I grew up and life got a little better, I used to imagine I was part of the crew. What I would give to travel the universe meeting new people! The best fandoms start in childhood with an intimate connection with the characters.

As I glanced up, I thought perhaps I saw Nathan Fillion and Stan Lee. So I looked at the guest list and had a huge NERDGASM. STAN FUCKING LEE! HELL YEAH!! Adam West (Fan Days – I squeed a little bit). I always loved the thought of being a superhero (for obvious reasons). I was happy to go to the con for Paul McGann. I was eager to go with William Shatner. Now? Now, I definitely want to go. Nathan and Stan are big on our lists of stars to meet or even just see in person. We have a prop that my husband built that has been signed by a few stars, and we’ve been saving a spot just for Nathan.

Oh yes, I have another heart felt story about me. When we moved to Oklahoma, I was very sick. I almost died, and I was in a lot of pain. Some dear friends out here (Rest In Peace my friend) invited us to come here and stay with them during my recovery. No pressure to find work, just take time to heal and get back on my feet. I obviously recovered and I’m great now. While finally living on our own and recovery going well, my husband saw the trailer for the Serenity movie and he was so excited. When he discovered that I didn’t know what Firefly was, he was speechless. You don’t know about FIREFLY? I hadn’t ever heard of it. That week, we had a marathon. I feel in love with the show instantly. For one, Jewel Stait was an actress I knew from Space Cases, so I was already sold! The characters, the quirkiness, the dynamics between them, the story… it was incredibly good. I felt like it was a masterpiece of storytelling. The characters felt like real people. This was my first real Joss Whedon experience.

I had loved the Buffy movie, but hadn’t really gotten into the series. However, as soon as my buddy told me that the Buffy series was a Joss Whedon show, I was instantly intrigued. I loved Firefly and Serenity so much, so by reason, it’s highly possible that I might like that show too. My buddy had the whole series on dvd and thus another marathon was done. I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Again, the characters and the dynamics, and the story. To me, it’s obvious that Joss loves his characters and the worlds they exist in. I’m a huge Joss fan!

I told my husband “Uh baby… there are a lot more stars that are going to be there than you realize…” When he saw just how many of the Firefly cast was going to be there, he was speechless for a long moment. I can only imagine he was composing himself. “Yep. We’re gonna be broke that month.” LOL I laugh… but it’s true. Considering that autographs cost so much, we realize that we have to prioritize who we want autographs from the most. That’s an incredibly difficult decision. That’s like choosing which one of your kids is your favorite. AARRRGGG! I need poke-balls because, damn it, I want them all!!

I laughed when I saw Robert Englund because I didn’t expect it. There was a time in my childhood that I used to watch all the classic horror films of my age…. Nightmare On Elm Street, Jason, Halloween, etc. I was tickled to get the chance to meet Robert Englund! My love of horror started with Freddy Kruger.  I’m a role player and I excel at playing villains. Our group is known best for our villains in games. We even do panels at conventions about advanced role playing in LARP setttings. At this point, I have a lot of reasons to be going to this convention.

I see Christopher Lloyd’s name on the list. Oh man! Another great from my childhood. What 80’s kid didn’t love Back To The Future?! My face lit up like the little girl from my childhood. WOW! I might get to meet Doc AND Freddy?! I had this moment of nostalgia. I realized that there is going to be a lot of stars from my childhood there. People who were there when I was lonely, when I was hurt, when I needed someone. Sure, they were not really there in real life, but the characters were there in essence. They were the people and writers who inspired me and encouraged my imagination to run wild! Amidst the darkness of my childhood, there were oasis’ of happiness. I got a childlike moment of joy come over me. I imagine that I will be in my own personal nerd heaven when we get to that convention. At this stage, in the span of only 15 minutes, I’ve upgraded to we WILL be there, PERIOD.

In my life now, where I am healthy, monetarily stable, and very happy… I still get attached to good characters. I’m a fan girl at heart and always will be. I love a good story with characters that I can connect with. This is why it’s so important to be good to your fan base. Being a fan is being in a state of joy, often leading back to positive childhood memories!




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