51st Speakeasy Street (All The Noms)

Recently, we have decided to start doing “New Food Fridays”. Basically, every Friday after work, we will eat dinner at some place new in town that we’ve never been to. We want to see what Oklahoma City has to offer! So, yesterday evening we tried the 51st Speakeasy Street bar and grill.



The place was clean and there’s was a non-smoking side to the bar, which are both a huge deal for us! That side of the bar didn’t have many people in it, but that was okay to me. It was about 8pm, so maybe it picks up later at night. There was a stage for live music, although there wasn’t anything going on when we visited. They had a couple of tables they were raised in a little window alcove. I loved this and it was kind of romantic!

The staff was polite and you had to order at the bar, which is common for bars. We ordered some chicken medallions as an appetizer but it didn’t come until after we received our main dishes. That irked me, because the point of an appetizer is to have it while you wait for the rest.

My husband had a burger and I had some cheese fries. They had typical bar food and since I’m not a big fan of that sort of menu, I went with what I know I’ll like.  The food itself was good. It’s not the best I’ve ever had, but it wasn’t bad either. It was better than crappy food at a crappy bar. I could see coming here with friends for a night of drinking and playing pool… and having a nice bite to eat.



After asking for our appetizer, they promptly brought the chicken medallions to us… and it was delicious! We loved the medallions. The chicken was seasoned well and wrapped securely in tasty bacon, and, whatever that sauce was, it completed it. Don’t skip the sauce!! The flavors go together really well. If you insist, the medallions are still quite good without the sauce. I think it was a type of sweet and sour sauce? Either way, it was worth the wait to eat them. I could see us coming back sometime with a group of friends.



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