Cotton Candy Grapes (All The Noms)

Today, I tried cotton candy grapes. They are a designer grape that is, presumably, created so that you can have something as sweet as candy and not feel guilty. From what I was told, these grapes are just as healthy as your typical grapes. These grapes can be found at Sprouts Farmers Market here in Oklahoma City.

I tried some and they were good. They did taste like cotton candy. Imagine eating some cotton candy, then after a few minutes eating a green grape. That’s how I would describe the taste. Sure, it was cotton candy flavored, but it also still tastes like a grape. It’s not intensely cotton candy flavored either, but the flavor is there.

Now I happen to like grapes normally. These grapes were not so tasty that I feel the need to go out of my way to get some. If I had to choose between a regular green grape and a cotton candy grape, I’d choose the green grape a majority of the time. The cotton candy grapes, in my opinion, are not a replacement for actual cotton candy. If I really want cotton candy, those grapes aren’t going to satisfy a craving for it. However, they are a viable solution if you simply want something sweet that’s healthy. I just happen to enjoy grapes more than cotton candy. Even if I had access to actual cotton candy 24/7 and it was healthy to eat… I wouldn’t eat it all the time anyway.

Now, if you could make the grapes chocolate flavored and vanilla flavored, I think you could possibly hook me. Maybe red velvet cake flavored? Chocolate chip cookies flavored! Oh man, of all the sweets in the world, I can think of a lot that I would be far more prone to eating on a daily basis than cotton candy. Doughnut flavored… oh I’d eat donuts for breakfast every day if it was healthy! Bacon grapes… okay I’m getting wild now!

All in all, the cotton candy grapes are good, they are novel, and I’m glad they are available to consumers. While I’m going to eat more traditional grapes than those, I’ll certainly get some when I’m on that side of town or want something special (or novel) for a party. I think it’s worth trying them out!


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